Sections should have_many pages?

September 13th, 2006

I’m a bit stuck on the best way of organizing pages in a cms, like eribium. I’m chiefly looking at the menu generation side of things.
Should there be sections, with multiple pages per section?
Should there be a hierarchy of pages, such as in cmsmadesimple?
Should there be a list of pages, with a unconnected menu manager (this was the original idea)?

How do you think pages should be organized? I suspect it depends on what type of mind you have, but I’d like to get a general consensus before I go ahead.

Please comment below, or use skype (oldmanorhouse)

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4 comments on “Sections should have_many pages?”

  1. 01

    In Mephisto, I went with a has_many :through assocation between Articles and Sections. This actually started out as a tagging interface, but I realized it was more than just tags.

    Basically, there’s a single bucket of articles that may or may not belong to one or many sections. I think it works well.

    Personally, I don’t like deep hierarchies of sections/pages in a CMS, which is why I designed Mephisto this way.

    rick at September 17th, 2006 around 3:11 pm
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  2. 02

    Thanks for the comment. I think you’re right about hierarchies and I’ve developed eribium on almost the same lines as Mephisto. Your CMS is great and is one of my main sources of inspiration :). As the asset manager is Mephisto one of its main features, you might be interested in this:

    maccman at September 17th, 2006 around 3:21 pm
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  3. 03

    I thing that when creating a page, one should have the option of selecting a parent, as well as a sort order. this way you can have sections of your site listed.
    people 1
    people 2
    places 1

    this will make the sites more customisable. if one really wanted to they could have a stupid hierarchy going infinitely down but that is their loss. who are we to tell people how to design their data.

    JOsh at September 29th, 2006 around 11:57 am
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  4. 04

    Personally, I organize as follows: Section has_many: Articles, and Article has_many Pages that acts_as_list.

    Michael Edlund at October 6th, 2006 around 8:53 am
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