Kids and Programming

September 13th, 2006

There’s rather a good post over at Peter Cooper’s blog, on teaching Kids programming.

I won’t bother reprinting my comment here, you can see it over at Peter’s website. Needless to say, I think that Ruby should be the language of choice for introducing people into the field.

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2 comments on “Kids and Programming”

  1. 01

    Hi alex, i’m writing to congratulate the work you’ve been doing. I’m shure you’ll get the sucess you desire. I’m very sorry i can’t donate for your macbook right know but as soon as i get some extra money, be shure i will.
    I’m currently trying to learn (and loving) ruby, an as soon as possible, will be reading pragmatic’s Rails book. If u put me a path wich i should go through, maybe i could help you.
    I’m a 20 years brazilian guy who likes your work very much.
    Looking forward your new CMS version. I could translate it for shure to Brazilian_Portuguese and maybe also to spanish. ( Are u interested ?? Contact me on dfamotato at

    Please, keep the good work !
    best regards. (excuse my bad english !)

    Douglas Morato at September 15th, 2006 around 10:57 pm
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  2. 02

    Thanks for the comment. I’m very happy for you to translate eribium and I’ll contact you closer to the release. I wish you success in ruby (and rails).

    maccman at September 16th, 2006 around 2:54 am
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