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September 10th, 2006

Update, someone has released a similar app, found here.
For those who use Cairngorm I’m in the process of creating a Rails Cairngorm Generator which will enable you to generate Cairngorm app quite easily, without all that copying and pasting from the tutorials that I find myself doing just to get a basic structure up.

One command will generate some Cairngorm Scaffolding, however the plugin doesn’t stop there. A ‘command’ and its corresponding ‘event’ can also be generated, as can ‘vo’s and ‘delegate’s.

Does this have much to do with rails? Not really, but it just uses its clever ‘generators’ and plugin infrastructure and hopefully it will promote Rails/Flex Integration

If any of you Cairngorm addicts out there want to contribute, please get in touch.

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7 comments on “Rails Cairngorm Generator”

  1. 01

    I am interested in this Project
    I am presently Studying the Caringrom
    I can be help for testing and also development of test projects


    AJIT DIXIT at September 12th, 2006 around 5:19 am
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  2. 02

    Hi Alex,

    I would be very interested in such a project, and could even propose to help, although i am not as productive yet in rails as i am in flex…..

    would you need any testers/documenters/sparring partner?

    let me know….

    ilya at December 18th, 2006 around 5:52 pm
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  3. 03

    Hey, was wondering if you’ve progressed any with this generator?

    artrig at January 2nd, 2007 around 11:42 pm
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  4. 04

    It’s slowly progressing, I’m just updating it to the latest version of Cairngorm. I’ll mail you when I release it.

    maccman at January 4th, 2007 around 6:03 am
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  5. 05

    During the last hollidays i have whipped up my own set of cairngorm generators.

    i have a cairngorm generator:
    takes the name of your app and lays out your typical cairngorm project structure, including the modelLocator, frontcontroller, services.mxml, and of course the app. You can supply a package structure as well.

    a delegate creator, nothing much special, also takes the package structure and optional params will be implemented as methods.

    a command creator, will generate the command, the event and a comment you can past into your frontcontroller.

    an standalone event and value object creator, although for the VO there are probably smarter things, like examining your Model classes…

    if you are interested to compary your generators with mine, feel free to drop me a line at ilya.devers -at- innberg.com.

    ilya at January 9th, 2007 around 7:06 am
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  6. 06

    hey oh…
    learning the ropes with cairngorm & rails…. generator would be the job..

    any news ?

    gavin at March 1st, 2007 around 11:24 am
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  7. 07

    I was going to release it but somebodies done a better job… http://code.google.com/p/cairngorm-rails-generator/

    maccman at March 1st, 2007 around 3:09 pm
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